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SECOYA is a unique name. A lot of people ask “Is Sequoia spelled wrong?” The simple answer is no, “Secoya” is actually Spanish for “Redwood,” and the project is situated on the corner of Redwood Street and Fifth Avenue.
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Our mission

Emphasizing the Redwood name in the name of the project is important for a number of reasons. First, Redwood Trees and Redwood forests are threatened or endangered in most parts of California, throughout the US and elsewhere. Repeated wildfires throughout California and exponential growth of human demand for lumber are the major issues for most of the destruction of first growth Coast Redwood forests.  

Additionally, by recognizing our natural resources, it helps emphasize the role that transit oriented urban infill developments plays in preventing suburban sprawl, and takes a step towards preserving our open space and forests.

In order to raise awareness and do our part to help save and restore redwood trees in California and beyond, SECOYA’s ownership will donate $10 for every lease signed to Save The Redwoods League. Save the Redwoods League is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and restore California redwoods and connect people to the peace and beauty of redwood forests. The League protects redwoods by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding land needed to nurture them. They restore redwood forests by innovating science and technology that can improve stewardship and accelerate forest regeneration. They have already protected more than 200,000 acres and helped create 66 redwood parks and reserves. The League builds connections among people and the redwood forests, and is grounded in the principles of conservation biology, research and improving the collective understanding and appreciation of the redwoods.

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